Shaped Rigid Pipes

Shaped Rigid Pipes Tubi Italflex

Shaped rigid pipes are a natural progression and integration of flexible pipes, be it in their traditional form for hydraulic circuits:

  • with Din cutting-ring fittings
  • with pipe-head created by permanently deforming
    the steel pipe itself
  • with welded terminal fitting

or in the integrated version:

  • with direct fittings onto flexible piping

Shaped Rigid Pipes Tubi Italflex

Aimed to satisfy requests for reduced dimensions, and thus for ever-tighter radii of curvature, our production of shaped rigid pipes pays a great deal of attention to the most advanced assembly requirements in all industrial mechanics sectors.

To this end, the use of sophisticated equipment to gather data from drawings or samples is fundamentally important: the curvature of steel pipes, prototyped on control tables using laser readers, and produced using electric machines with latest-generation DC brushless motors, ensures maximum accuracy and adherence to requested values.

Added to all this is a meticulous control system for surface treatments and internal cleaning, to meet the most exacting international standards.

Shaped Rigid Pipes Tubi Italflex